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Dr. Juan J. Villalba

Dr. Juan J. Villalba

Associate Professor (Foraging Behavior)
Department: Wildland Resources
Departmental Role: Wildland Resources Faculty
Status: Faculty
Location:  BNR 277
Office Phone:  435.797.2539
Fax:  435.797.3796
Utah State University
Wildland Resources Department
5230 Old Main Hill
Logan, UT 84322-5230

ST: WILD 6900 - Natural Products from Plants and Animal Self-Medication: From Food Selection to Animal Health
    Timothy Bateman - MS
    Andrea Clemensen - PhD
    Ashley Hansen - MS
    Kristen Heroy - PhD
    Sebastian Lagrange - PhD
    Juan Montes - PhD
    Casey Spackman - PhD
     Matthew Stevenson - PhD
     Clinton Stonecipher - PhD
Research Interests:  
My research focuses on understanding mechanisms influencing food selection and intake in herbivores, in order to create more efficient alternatives for managing animals and the landscapes they inhabit.  My approach is fundamentally empirical using the hypothetical deductive method.  I am interested in principles that underlie foraging behavior with the aim of obtaining reliable knowledge on the plant species, parts, and chemicals a herbivore selects while grazing, as well as why, how, and when specific foods are ingested.  More recently, my research has focused on exploring the ability of herbivores to self-select natural plant products and other protective substances to recuperate from illness.  
BEHAVE:  Behavioral Education for Human, Animal, Vegetation, & Ecosystem Management