The USU Range Club, or the USU student chapter of the Society for Range Management, is a group of students interested in range science and related fields. The chapter works to promote the development of future range science professionals, continuing education of members and the public, and sustainable rangeland ecosystems.

President: Cody Butler

Vice President: Brianne Palmer, Raul Lira-Rodriguez

Secretary: Morgan Huges

Treasurer: Carlee Coleman

Historian: Camille Waters

Advisor: Dr. Fee Busby

How to join

The USU Range Club is open to any student who is interested in western rangeland and wildlands and membership is free.  As a member, we ask that you participate in any or all of our activities throughout the year.  Upcoming events will be advertised in the Natural Resources building Atrium.  If you are interested in becoming involved, drop by the club office (NR112), e-mail, or call 797-1270.  We look forward to hearing from you and hope to see you during the upcoming year!

Activities and Projects

As a club, we sponsor several activities throughout the year.  These activities allow us to learn about current issues in range, offer educational opportunities to the community, get to know each other and professionals within our field, and most importantly, have fun!  Annual activities include the College of Natural Resources Christmas party, sleigh riding, fence post cutting work days, and opening and closing socials.  Ongoing projects include educational workshops and participation in competitions at the national Society for Range Management meeting.



SRM Meetings

Utah Section of the Society for Range Management Meeting

November 6-7, 2014

Plant Identification

1st place - Garrett Billings, USU

2nd place - Jamie Reynolds, USU

3rd place - Camille Waters, USU

Undergraduate Range Management Exam (URME)

1st place - Cody Butler, USU

2nd place - Morgan Hughes, USU

Combined Scores for Plant Identification and URME

1st place - Jamie Reynolds

3rd place - Brianne Palmer

  62nd, Alburquerque, New Mexico  February 8-13, 2009 
  60th, Reno, Nevada February 10-16, 2007
  59th, Vancouver, Canada 2006




March 2008

Range Plant Team

Society for Range Management 2008