New & Noteworthy


The USU Water Initiative

March 30, 2015

The Utah State Water Initiative works to facilitate collaborative research and to foster a collegial interdisciplinary community of water scholars. With departments in six colleges contributing to water research, education, and extension, USU can take advantage of the diversity and breadth of all water activities


Institute of Outdoor Recreation

March 26, 2015

Taken together, outdoor recreation and tourism represent one of the largest and fastest growing sectors of Utah's economy. IORT's purpose is threefold: 1)implement a program of research based on environmental benefits and costs; 2)provide a program of outreach; and 3)offer opportunities for education and training.



April 1, 2015

This site aims to provide an uncommonly inviting place to teach and be taught. Instructors can upload video on any subject — be it salsa dancing or making glogg — then divvy it up into lessons.