New & Noteworthy


Quinney Library’s Amazon Bookstore

July 22, 2014

Now you can shop for quality used books all year long. Come and take a look at our on-going book sale information in the Amazon book shop quinney16. Books are reasonably priced from $10 to $1 even some for free (in house shopping only). Shelves are continually re-stocked.


Institute of Outdoor Recreation

July 22, 2014

Taken together, outdoor recreation and tourism represent one of the largest and fastest growing sectors of Utah's economy. IORT's purpose is threefold: 1)implement a program of research based on environmental benefits and costs; 2)provide a program of outreach; and 3)offer opportunities for education and training.


USFWS Conservation Library

July 22, 2014

The US Fish and Wildlife Conservation Library provides easy access to materials using a state-of-the-art delivery services. The scope of the collection includes topics covered in all NCTC training, natural resource conservation, environmental education and conservation leadership. Download publications or read online - it's up to you!