New & Noteworthy


Intermountain Herbarium

May 26, 2015

The Herbarium is a regional depository with over 234,000 specimens, more than 5,000 catalogued books, and a slide collection of more than 2000 slides. Most of the specimens are vascular plants, with some fungal and bryophyte collections. Anyone can use the herbarium. It is a great resource – use it!



May 25, 2015

The Earth Portal is a resource for timely, objective, science-based information. It is a means for the global community to come together to produce the first free, expert-driven, massively scalable information resource on the environment, and to engage society in a dialogue on environmental issues.


A to Z Maps Online

May 22, 2015

A to Z Maps is fun and useful alike. It’s organized and very easy to use. Students of all grade levels can find maps for class assignments, travelers can use the GIS materials on the site, and those with an interest in geography and cartography will find many of the resources entertaining and edifying.