New & Noteworthy


Quinney Library’s Amazon Bookstore

July 22, 2014

Now you can shop for quality used books all year long. Come and take a look at our on-going book sale information in the Amazon book shop quinney16. Books are reasonably priced from $10 to $1 even some for free (in house shopping only). Shelves are continually re-stocked.


PLoS – Public Library of Science

July 22, 2014

PLoS is a nonprofit organization of scientists committed to making the world's scientific literature a public resource. They aim to: provide open access, provide full text searches, and to enable everyone to explore scientific ideas and discoveries. PLoS journals have peer-reviewed articles of exceptional significance.


Utah House

July 22, 2014

The Utah House is a demonstration and education center that promotes sustainability and empowers the public about new ways of building homes and creating landscapes that promote energy efficiency, water conservation, universal design principles, healthy indoor environments, and the sustainable use of all resources. Visit it today!!