• USU Grad Student Eyes Arctic Species' Response to Warming Temps September 29, 2014

    USU doctoral student Dave Iles, with faculty mentor Dave Koons, has been studying the bears’ predation habits for several years along a remote stretch of the Hudson Bay coast in Manitoba, Canada.

  • Fast Food for Polar Bears September 24, 2014

    David Iles, graduate student in the Wildland Resources Department appeared in a NYT video concerning polar bears.

  • Crows Causing Damage to Pumpkins and Melons September 22, 2014

    "If your pumpkins and melons are marked with holes and yellow and browns spots, it could be the work of crows," states Terry Messmer, USU Extension Wildlife Specialist.


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Integrating forest, range, and wildlife sciences

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Mission Statement

The mission of the Department of Wildland Resources is to achieve excellence in integrating forest, range, and wildlife sciences, while building knowledge to assist in understanding, restoring, and conserving terrestrial ecosystems.  As educators, we mentor students at undergraduate and graduate levels, synthesizing established knowledge and cutting-edge research into a dynamic and highly relevant curriculum.  As researchers, we apply internationally recognized scientific expertise, an interdisciplinary approach, and a collaborative spirit to develop innovative solutions for the conservation and management of the natural resources of our changing planet. As extension professionals, we help the people on the land understand and use research-based knowledge to improve their livelihoods through enlightened stewardship of ecosystem goods and services.


USU Rangeland Resources Degree accredited with SRM
USU Forestry Degree accredited with SAF

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