Congratulations! QCNR 2014 Scholarship and Awards Recipients!

2013 QCNR of the Year Award Recipients


Konrad Hafen

Konrad Hafen is our QCNR Undergraduate Researcher Assistant of the Year. Konrad will graduate in the spring of 2014 with a major in Wildlife Science and minors in Fisheries Science and Geographic Information Systems.  During 2011 and 2012, he conducted a project examining brown trout demographics on the Logan River and is currently working on three other research projects.



Jonathan Meyer

Jonathan Meyer is our Graduate Teaching Assistant of the Year. Jonathan is pursuing his doctorate in Watershed Science.  In his time at USU, Jonathan has maintained a Graduate Research Assistantship, while completing three Graduate Teaching Assistant positions.



Rodrigo Ferreira

Rodrigo Ferreira is the Graduate Research Assistant of the Year. In 2010, he was accepted in the PhD program in the Department of Wildland Resources to pursue a doctorate in Ecology.  He is conducting his dissertation research studying bromeliad frogs in Brazil’s Atlantic Rainforests.  In the fall 2012, Rodrigo discovered two new species of frog that had not been known to exist previously.


Chelsea DeMarco

Chelsea DeMarco is QCNR’s Scholar of the Year and QCNR’s Valedictorian. Chelsea grew up in Western New York and always loved being outdoors and wanted to help others enjoy the wild as well. 


Dr. Zhao Ma

Zhao Ma is the QCNR Undergraduate Research Mentor of the Year. Zhao Ma is an assistant professor of natural resource and environmental policy in the Department of Environment and Society Department. Her research focuses on understanding how individuals and institutions make decisions with respect to natural resource management and conservation.


Marsha Bailey

Marsha Bailey is the QCNR Employee of the Year. Marsha is a staff assistant in the main Wildland Resources office.  She provides a variety of support activities for faculty.  Marsha’s primary role is assisting graduate students, as she says “to go from application to graduation”. 


Dr. Mark W. Brunson

Department of Environment and Society is the QCNR Advisor of the Year. Mark is currently head of the Department of Environment and Society.  During his 21 years in the College he has been an advisor for undergraduate students in the Forestry, Geography, Environmental Studies, Interdisciplinary Studies, Recreation Resource Management and Watershed Science majors. 


Dr. David N. Koons

David Koons is the QCNR Research and Teacher of the Year. Dr. Koons is currently an assistant professor of animal population ecology in our Wildland Resources Department.  Dave is a ‘population ecologist’ who studies both plants and animals.


Clayton Handy

A native of Burley, Idaho, Clayton is the QCNR Undergraduate Teaching Fellow of the Year and the Legacy of Utah State Award recipient.


George Fawson

George was chosen by his classmates to receive the college's 2013 Jardine Juniper Award, an honor given to the student who has made the biggest impact on the college through student organization involvement. George was also named Outstanding Senior for the Department of Wildland Resources.


Hesper Kohler

Hesper was named Outstanding Senior for the Quinney College of Natural Resources and Outstanding Senior for the Department of Environment and Society.


Chance Broderius

Chance was named Outstanding Senior for the Department of Watershed Sciences.

Other QCNR honorees are recipients of scholarships and fellowships, many established by the college's alumni, donors, faculty and staff. Please visit this link to learn more.

Please join us in congratulating all of these impressive individuals!